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My shipping list - Still working on it

Still adding more.........So check here once in while.
Oofuri coming soon. 


Aoi Hana 

  • Akira x Fumi
  • Kyouko x Yasuko
  • Okudaira x Sawanoui - Re watched if you don't see it.

Axis Powers Hetalia 

  • Iceland x Nowary 
  • China x Japan
Not fan of the show, so less shipping :\


  • Mikage x Teito
  • Hakuren x Teito
  • Konatsu x Shuri - Go read the manga or wiki : Konatsu saved his life, and Shuri idolizes him greatly. Nuff said
I only in young boys pairing that all, not big fans of adult x adult, though there are some but really not my favorite.

  • Masaomi x Mikado (OTP)
  • Aoba x Mikado
  • Aoba x Masaomi
  • Aoba x Mikado x Masaomi
  • Masaomi x Anri x Mikado
  • Masaomi x Anri - Anri is way better than Saki. Beside Anri have crush on Masaomi, she doesn't know the feeling of "Love" at all.
  • Izaya x all the girls in the show
Gakuen Alice
  • Natsume x Ruka
The only pairing so far.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
  • Kanou x Yukimura - Its there.
  • Usui x Yukimura - Lol I think Yukimura have crush on him, after that kiss. Lol
  • Aoi x Yukimura - Idk.....trap x trap
  • Usui x Kanou
  • Hinata x Usui
  • The idiot trio - OT3 ?
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Tsuna x Enma - OTP!
  • Basil x Tsuna
  • Gokudera x Tsuna - 5927
  • Mukuro x Hibari - 6918
  • Haru x Kyoko - Yes its Yuri
  • Yamamoto x Gokudera - 8059
There more but I still haven't catch up on the show. There like 178 episode or what?

  • Alois x Ciel - ( Fuck you Claude for taking Alois chace to have Ciel for his self.)
You heard me I like young boys in relationships D:< I hate fucking pode stuff. 

Kyou Kara Maou
  • Ken x Wolfram
  • Wolfram x Yuuri
  • Ken x Yuuri
  • Ken x Yuuri x Wolfram (OT3)
Some thing you need yo know!  Wolfram is NOT girl or girly Uke! If you don't understand Wolfram being mature and manly go read the novel and manga and stop looking up fiction, art, and cosplay of girly uke Wolfram. If you want Wolfram as girl just change him in to woman. Because Girl uke is still called a girl and look like girl that mean in the relationship he not boy he girl which changa over to Het relationship then BL.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
  • Kozue x Ami
  • Kozue x Me - OMFG I love that girl with her Occult. She even look like Anri-chan to me.
  • Tohru x Natsuno-(OTP)
  • Natsuno x Kaori
  • Natsuno x Megumi