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I"m so emo right now :(

Today I watched the last episode of 07-Ghost in raw I know I should post this after the sub episode but zi just feel so so sad and emo.
Maybe I feel this way probably because its the last episode :( Its the same way the happen to Kyou kara maou. Maybe its was this:
-Little of Hakuren or Hakuren & Teito
-Frau and Teito goes of to the seele ( I think not sure ) But I seeeeeeee alot of fanart and fiction of them coming this way. (NOOOOOOOOO I they way to much oif art and fiction of them!)
-IDK I just feel sad.

But today is also the last episode of Gundam 00 on SySf. WHY MUST THIS DAY HAVE COME WHEN THING MUST SHOW HAVE TO ENDED NOT
ONLY THAT BUT BOTH ON SAME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! D: Did I for that Pandora Hearts was also ending this week. *Goes off and cut my self.*

But hey Mikage was in Episode :D Mikage x Teito FTW! YEAH. I got to draw them this week but I also wanna draw Hakuren x Teito.
Could I put both of them on one paper? Like Teito dream of Mikage but then he woke up and feeling down but he see Hakuren sitting next him. And Hakuren said "Do not worry its just a dream I'm here with you." And both them hug.
Ok Maybe I draw that in the doujinshi way.

ANy way Still feeling down. About the show ended. But I very greatful that the manga is still going on. And same with Gundam 00 is getting a movie soon.

Hey guess what!!!!!!!!!!! a other anime that bishie is coming this October !!!!!!!!! Can't waiiiiiiit!

Any way i'm going to read chapter 19 or 20 of 07-Ghost to make my self happy again.